Layerswap API
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Fast and reliable crypto transfers across networks and exchanges
Layerswap handles millions of dollars in transactions every day across multiple networks. We ensure quick and reliable crypto transfers, giving the freedom to move crypto anywhere.
You can utilize Layerswap's transacting infrastructure in four ways:
Layerswap is a prebuilt, optimized gateway that lets anyone easily and securely process transactions across multiple networks - overcoming liquidity fragmentation and complex bridging steps. Layerswap’s built-in features allow you to reduce your development time. It supports 30+ networks. You can embed Layerswap directly into your website or direct customers to a Layerswap-hosted page.
Process Coinbase transaction with Layerswap
Process transactions through an embeddable form or Layerswap-hosted page using Layerswap’s low-code integration. You can customize Layerswap and access additional functionalities with the Layerswap API.
To get started with the integration, setup partner account.
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