Layerswap API
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Partner Setup

For integrating Layerswap, partners should register in the Dashboard and set up an organization.
Each partner account can create an organization and app(s) within that organization. The organization serves as a logical grouping for multiple associated apps. The app stores all the partner-related information like API keys for programmatic access, webhooks, and other configurations that are needed for the integration and customizations.
Layerswap dashboard analytics

Register as a Partner

  1. 2.
    Enter your email address
  2. 3.
    Check your email address for a Code sent from Layerswap
  3. 4.
    Enter provided Code to login into the dashboard.

Setup an Organization/App

  • Create an organization
  • Create an app under the organization
  • Go to the newly created app and copy the API key
API Key and Clint Id for App
API Key is used for accessing API and should be stored privately.
Client Id is used for embbeded form or Layerswap-hosted page.
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