Layerswap SDK


Fast and reliable crypto transfers across networks
Layerswap handles millions of dollars in transactions every day across multiple networks. We ensure quick, reliable, and affordable crypto transfers, giving the freedom to move crypto anywhere. Layerswap supports wide range of cross-network transfers starting from L2s like Optimism, Arbitrum and Starknet to Osmosis, Lightning Network and Solana. We have a mission to have access to any network, if we don't support the one you want - let us know and we will get it rolling.
There are two primary ways to leverage Layerswap in your project:

UI integration

Add a button to redirect users to the Layerswap website OR Integrate widget directly into your website via an iFrame - allowing them to transfer funds to your project from everywhere.

API integration

Get access to Layerswap core functionality via API integration to initiate, process and retrieve everywhere-to-everywhere transactions.
For API integration, the first step is to set up a new partner through the partner dashboard.
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