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The solution for swapping crypto between CEX and networks

What is Layerswap?

Layerswap is the seamless solution for bridging assets between Centralized Exchanges and Layer 2 networks in a matter of minutes.
Currently the app enables frictionless transfers of tokens like ETH, USDC, LRC, from 15 exchanges to 11 networks, as well as off-ramping from 5 networks to CEXes. See the complete list of available assets, L2s and CEXes
Layerswap is integrated in a number of wallets and dApps running on L2 to let users transact with ease. Learn more

How is Layerswap used?

  • CEX users move assets directly to blockchains in order to experiment with new apps/projects, buy NFTs, play games or hold assets in L2 networks, DEX or wallets.
  • Layer 2 networks and wallets enable their users to easily deposit from CEX.
  • Crypto noobs use Layerswap to easily get onboarded to Layer 2.
  • Everyone can make instant and affordable cross-chain transfers.

How is Layerswap different?

Layerswap is the first and only bridge to enable direct and instant transfers from CEX to blockchains. Compared to alternative solutions, Layerswap:
  • allows instant transfers with minimal fees
  • makes it possible to have significant savings on gas
  • enables transfers to/from networks that aren't supported elsewhere
  • provides exceptional customer support to its community
  • helps L2 blockchains, wallets, dApps with onboarding users
  • saves users time and frustration of going through complicated bridging processes

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