🎁$OP Rewards

Optimism Incentives Program for Layerswap users

Transfer to Optimism and Earn Rewards

Layerswap implemented the second round of the incentive program aiming to reduce barriers of bridging to Optimism. During this round of the campaign, 58,000 $OP was distributed to users in the period of August 31 to October 10, 2023.

$OP tokens were rewarded for all transfers to Optimism. For each transfer from exchanges or networks, users received 85% of fees back in $OP.

Example: Transferring $USDC from Arbitrum One to Optimism (given Layerswap fee is 2.24 $USDC) earns the user ~1.45 $OP (2.09 $USDC).

The rewards add up while doing transfers on Layerswap and are weekly airdropped directly into wallets. The earnings can be checked in the "Campaigns" section of the home page.

Checking Balance

Step 1. Go to "Campaigns" page from the hamburger menu on the Home page.

Step 2. Connect your wallet.

Please note that you should link the address that was used for transferring to Optimism.

Step 3. You can see your earnings, the airdrop date, payouts history, leaderboard and your rank in it.

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