🔗Connect a Coinbase account

How to connect your Coinbase account to Layerswap for a faster transfer

Step 1. Connect your account and authorize

To initiate a transfer from Coinbase, you can connect your account and authorize Layerswap to make the transaction. Follow the guide appearing on Layerswap for a smooth connection.

You can disconnect anytime. Layerswap does not store your data and can't make any transfers without your confirmation.

Note: For a successful swap from Coinbase, you should change the monthly debit amount to at least the amount specified in the guide by clicking "Change this amount" in the authorization page. If the amount stays the default 1 USD, your swap won't go through and you'll be returned to the same page.

If you don't want to connect your account, you can choose the option of transferring manually. Please refer to the detailed guide for a smooth transaction.

Step 2. Pass the 2FA

You should obtain the 2 step verification code from your authenticator app (Google, Microsoft, or other) or phone messages and enter them in the Coinbase 2FA page in order to proceed with the swap.

Step 3. Account connected

After passing the 2FA, the transaction should go through! If any issues arise in the process, please feel free to contact us.

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