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Use Layerswap to transfer your assets across blockchains
Layerswap supports instant cross-chain transfers, even between networks that aren't supported elsewhere.
This guide will help you to easily swap between StarkNet, zkSync Era, Polygon zkEVM, Loopring, ImmutableX, Mantle, Base, and many more.
New networks and tokens are being added on a regular basis. Stay tuned by following us on Twitter or join our Discord community.

Step 1. Fill in transfer details

Firstly, select the networks that you want to transfer between, specify the amount*, select the token, provide the deposit address and click "Swap now".
*The minimum and maximum amounts allowed per transfer are specified in the "Amount" field. You can also review the applicable fees and estimated time of swap (learn more about the fee structure).

Step 2. Send assets

There are two options for completing the transaction: automatically via wallet and manually. For the manual transfer, you'll need to send funds to the deposit address provided by Layerswap. Follow the steps below for a detailed guidance.
Transfer Automatically
For initiating the transfer, you should connect a wallet, then click on "Send from wallet" and confirm the transaction in the wallet.

Transfer Manually

Step 1. You'll be provided with a deposit address to which you'll need to send funds.
Step 1
The provided deposit address is being generated for each user by Layerswap. The transaction can't be completed if you haven't sent funds to the address.
Step 2. To send from a wallet, sign in and make sure you're on the right network.
Step 2
Step 3. Click "Send", copy and paste the information provided by Layerswap.
Step 3
Step 4. Confirm the transaction on the wallet.
Step 4
If you're transferring from Loopring or ImmutableX, please follow these guides for a smooth transaction:

If you need help, feel free to contact us on Discord!