Withdraw from Bittrex Global

Learn how to withdraw from Bittrex Global

Making a Withdrawal

For transferring from Bittrex Global, you'll need to manually initiate a withdrawal from the exchange account to the address provided by Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless withdrawal.

1. In your Bittrex Global account, click on "Holdings"

Step 1 screenshot

2. Find the asset you want to transfer and click on "Withdraw"

Step 2 screenshot

3. Copy the Address provided by Layerswap

4. Paste the Address in the "Recipient's wallet address" field in Bittrex Global page

Step 4 screenshot

5. Enter the transfer amount in the "Withdrawal amount" field and click on "Withdraw"

Step 5 screenshot

6. Enter the 2FA code and click "Withdraw"

7. Your transfer will be completed in no time!

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