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Withdraw from Coinbase

Learn how to manually transfer from Coinbase

Making a Withdrawal

For transferring from Coinbase, you can manually initiate a withdrawal from the exchange if you don't want to connect the account to Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless withdrawal.
Hint: If you'd like to connect your Coinbase account for a faster transfer, refer to this guide.
1.Choose to complete the transfer "Manually"
Step 1
2. In your Coinbase account, click "Send & Receive"
Step 2
3. Copy the address and amount shown in Layerswap
Please note that the provided deposit address is being generated specifically for you. For a successful transaction, you should transfer funds to that address.
Step 3
4. Paste the information in the respective fields in Coinbase and click "Continue".
Make sure that the selected network is the one indicated in Layerswap.
Step 4
5. Confirm the details and click "Send now"
Step 5
The transaction will be completed in no time!