Withdraw from Coinbase

Learn how to manually transfer from Coinbase

Making a Withdrawal

For transferring from Coinbase, you can manually initiate a withdrawal from the exchange if you don't want to connect the account to Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless withdrawal.

Hint: If you'd like to connect your Coinbase account for a faster transfer, refer to this guide.

1.Choose to complete the transfer "Manually"

2. In your Coinbase account, click "Send & Receive"

3. Copy the address and amount shown in Layerswap

Please note that the provided deposit address is being generated specifically for you. For a successful transaction, you should transfer funds to that address.

4. Paste the information in the respective fields in Coinbase and click "Continue".

Make sure that the selected network is the one indicated in Layerswap.

5. Confirm the details and click "Send now"

The transaction will be completed in no time!

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