Withdraw from OKX

Learn how to withdraw from OKX

Making a Withdrawal

For transferring from OKX, you'll need to manually initiate a withdrawal from the exchange account to the address provided by Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless withdrawal.

1. In your OKX account, under "Assets", select "Withdraw"

2. Select the crypto you are transferring

3. Select the withdrawal method to be "On-chain" and click "Continue"

4. Copy the Address provided by Layerswap

5. Paste the provided Address in "ETH address/domain" field

6. Select the withdrawal network to be the network mentioned in Layerswap

7. Enter the Amount you want to transfer and click "Continue"

8. Enter the authentication codes and click "Confirm"

9. Your transfer will be completed in no time!

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