↘️Transfers to CEX

Use Layerswap to transfer your assets from zkSync, Starknet, Optimism, Arbitrum and other chains to CEXes

With Layerswap you can smoothly transfer crypto assets from blockchain networks to Centralized Exchanges in a matter of minutes!

These guides are there to help you to seamlessly swap from networks to exchanges. The general process of off-ramp transfers through Layerswap is presented below.

Step 1. Fill in transfer details

To transfer from a network, select the network and exchange that you want to transfer between, provide the exchange account address, select the token, specify the amount and click "Swap now".

Step 2. Send assets

After providing the details, Layerswap provides the necessary information for sending assets from the network. You can automatically transfer funds from the connected wallet by clicking "Send from wallet" or send the assets manually from the network account to the deposit address provided by Layerswap.

The provided deposit address is being generated for each user by Layerswap. The transaction can't be completed if you haven't sent funds to the address.

If you're transferring from Loopring or ImmutableX, please refer to the guides for a seamless experience.

Once the transaction is complete, you'll see a note confirming that the swap was successful.

If you need help, feel free to contact us on Discord!

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