Layerswap Docs

Partners & Integrations

Layerswap is partnering with a number of DEXes, wallets and dApps making the onboarding process easier for both users and Web3 projects.

How to partner with us?

Partnership Inquiries

For exploring collaboration opportunities or requesting integration, please fill in this form and get connected with Layerswap team.
API Integration
Layerswap SDK is designed for a seamless integration and offers a wide range of customizations depending on partner's needs and objectives. Discover how you can leverage Layerswap for your Web3 project👇

Who has partnered with us?

Layerswap is partnering with and is integrated into a number of Web3 projects. Highlighting a few examples below:
Layerswap is integrated in Immutable Core SDK allowing gamers and traders to easily move funds to ImmutableX.
Layerswap is embedded in the Osmosis Zone platform allowing users to deposit $USDC from Coinbase directly to the network.
The users are redirected from the StarkGate bridge to Layerswap for moving assets from CEXes and other chains to Starknet.
The users are redirected from the Optimism bridge to Layerswap for moving assets to the network.
The users are redirected from zkSync Lite to Layerswap for topping up balance.
Layerswap is integrated into Loopring's mobile and web wallets enabling on- and off-ramp transfers.
Layerswap is presented in the Argent and Argent X apps for easily transferring funds to Starknet and zkSync.
The Braavos users are redirected to Layerswap for depositing funds to the wallet from CEXes and other chains.
Layerswap is available on imToken wallet's browser for transferring assets to networks like Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon.