Layerswap Docs


Learn about the applicable fees
Layerswap is a real cost-efficient solution for transferring assets between CEX and L2s. However, a few transaction fees apply.

Layerswap Service fee

Currently, we're charging $0.5-$4 per swap, depending on the source and destination.

Exchange fee

Some exchanges charge a fee for covering the gas fees of on-chain transfers. After filling in the swap details, you'll see the applicable fees and comprehensive fee breakdown as shown below.
Please note that in some cases Layerswap might not be able to show the exchange fees and you'd need to check on the exchange.
Fee structure
While transferring from/to some exchanges, like Binance, the fees are refundable and will be returned to your account after the completion of the transfer. In such cases, you'll see the "Refundable" note next to the exchange fee amount.
Refundable fees