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Send assets from ImmutableX

Learn how to manually transfer assets from ImmutableX

Sending assets

For swapping from ImmutableX, you'll need to manually transfer assets from the wallet to the address provided by Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless experience.

Step 1. Connect wallet

Step 1.1. Click "Connect" on Layerswap

Step 1.1

Step 1.2. Review the steps on ImmutableX and click "Get Started"

Step 1.2
Step 1.3. Click "Next" to connect and sign
Step 1.3

Step 2. Verify wallet

Step 2.1. Click "Verify wallet" on Layerswap

Step 2.1

Step 2.2. On ImmutableX's Signature request page click "Next"

Step 2.2

Step 2.3. Sign with the wallet

Step 2.3

Step 3. Transfer

Step 3.1. Click "Transfer" on Layerswap

Step 3.1

Step 3.2. Click "Confirm" on ImmutableX to confirm the transfer

Step 3.2

Step 3.3. Sign with the wallet

Step 3.3

Step 4. The transfer is complete!