Send assets from Loopring

Learn how to send assets from Loopring

Sending assets

For transferring from Loopring, you'll need to manually send your assets from the network account to the address provided by Layerswap. Please refer to this guide for a seamless experience.

Note: inputting Memo is not required anymore.

1. Review the provided Info to be filled in the Loopring app

2. Open the Loopring web app and click on "L2 Assets"

3. Find the asset you want to transfer and click "Send"

4. Select "To Another Loopring L2 Account"

5. Select the token and enter the amount. Paste the address (Recipient) provided by Layerswap in the "Recipient" field

In case you see a note in Loopring saying "this address has not yet activated Loopring L2", no need to worry, you can safely proceed with sending.

6. Select the Address Type to be "EOA Wallet".

7. Click on "Confirm"

Your swap should be done soon!

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